New Brunswick Gerontological Nursing Association (NBGNA)

 Welcome to the NBGNA!

We are a small chapter currently working from the Moncton Area. We re-formed in October 2011 with only eight members at that time. We have members from all over the province. At present we are 20 strong. We have been meeting three times a year for one day sessions that include an educational component. Our AGM is held in April and the other General Meetings are in September and December. With our invitation to our meetings we also ask current members to bring a friend as a way to build membership.

Our current executive for 2013-2015;
President  Dawn Fenton Dawn.Fenton@HorizonNB.ca
President  Elect  Jill Stephenson jmstephl@NB.sympatico.ca   
Secretary  Cathy Smyth csmyth949@gmail.com
Treasurer   Lisa Keeping-Burke (term ends 2014) lisa.keeping-burke@unb.ca
Education Committee  Earlyne Weaver erlynewe@yahoo.ca

 and Violet Budd (also Past President) Violet.Budd@HorizonNB.ca
The executive meet face to face at least once during the year and by teleconference a couple of other times to discuss issues arising from the membership and plan future meetings.
We thank all those who have joined and all those who continue to renew their memberships to this unique association and hope to encourage the best practice for the care of our Older Adults.

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